Youth Soccer (SSA)

The Starkville Soccer Association (SSA) is an independent organization cooperating with the Starkville Parks & Recreation Department (SPRD) to provide youth soccer to the Starkville community.  This organization is a volunteer run organization that operates outside of the SPRD offices.   Although the SPRD office is a host site for registration, the SPRD offices do not handle any part of the administration, logistics, or implementations of the soccer program.  The board members handle all aspects of SSA from team selections, game schedules, uniform order submission, and referee selection.  SPRD is pleased to provide field maintenance and support as needed in order to maintain the cooperation.  If you have any questions related to SSA matters, please contact one of the board members below.

SOCCER CONTACTS Please email the appropriate contact for your questions:
Sean Owen, President
Dave Godwin, First VP & Recreational Affairs
Andrew Martin, Second VP & Division II Affairs
Ashley Gordon, Third VP & Division I Affairs
Doug Heflin, Fourth VP & Girls Affairs
Mark Farmer, Director of Coaching
Chris Driskill, Secretary
Robbi Lepard, Treasurer
Alper Coban, Head Referee
Tina Green, Registrar
Jennifer Prather, Sponsor Manager
Trina Pollan, Team Parent
Kevin Walters, Equipment Coordinator
Jennifer Davis, Tournament Liaison

Registration fees are as follows:
U6 $65
U8 $75
U10 & up $95

Deadline to register is August 1, 2014 for current fees. Registration fees will increase on August 2, 2014.

Click HERE to sign up.

Sponsorships are $300 per team, and other sponsorship packages are available.  Download a Sponsorship form here.

Visit the SSA website for more information.