Music and Art

Garden City Project – Finale School of Music
Music | Fine Art | Production Lessons and Workshops

Finale School of Music offers private music lessons and has partnered with Garden City Arts to offer music, fine art, and production Workshops locally in the Golden Triangle area. We also now offer all of the Arts/Music for Your Family Online for $5.
Recording | Event | Band | & Small Business Packages
Because we work with so many professional arts instructors who also work in their field professionally we are able to design packages for events, small businesses, bands, and recording, that help you launch your next “thing” with the convenience of having everything done at one time in one place. Visit us to learn more about our bundles and the photographers, recording artists, videographers and graphic designers that make them possible.

If you know of any other music or art offerings around the community, please contact William Pochop at 662-323-2294 so they can be added to this page.