Adult Nutrition


Living a healthy lifestyle is heavily influenced on what you put into your body and how you exercise.  No matter what, ultimately YOU are responsible for choosing what to eat and the amount of physical activity you do.  Although the amount of time you have to workout may not be up to you, there are many things you can do everyday to increase your activity level especially at work.  Start off by parking your car farther away and walking through the parking lot, then take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try to stay active throughout the day by walking around the office every so often.  Around every hour stand up and move around to get the blood flowing, this will keep away that drowsy mid-day feeling.  When on the phone put it on speaker and standup to talk, by doing this you project better and sound more confident. Instead of emailing a co-worker or calling them, walk over to their office and give them the message personally.  These small things are easily done and can do wonders for your energy level through the day.


The key to finding the best workout suited for you is to decide what your favorite physical activity is.  For most people running isn’t very high on the list of favorite activities but know there are many other things that you can do other than just running.  As long as you are active and getting your heart rate up, that is what is important. But if running is too high impact then try cycling, or even better swimming.  Of course the more muscles involved in the activity means more calories burned but this can be made up by doing a more intense workout. Here are some examples of the amount of calories burned in a one hour session doing different activites.

Cycling at moderate pace = 654 calories

Aerobics = 531 calories

Running at moderate pace =817 calories

Golfing = 368 calories

Swimming = 817 calories

For a more complete list of activities click here

Remember that by doing what you enjoy it won’t seem like a workout. And the benefits you get from exercising include; reducing blood pressure, increasing bone mass preventing osteoporosis, reducing back pain by strengthening the muscles around your spine, increase your mood by releasing hormones in your brain giving you a better overall wellness feeling, and many more.